Exercise Bikes

Touted as one of the best cardio workouts you can do, cycling is a great option for everyone – no matter what their fitness level. Steelflex Exercise Bikes are designed to target the lower body, including glutes, quads and hamstrings, without placing excessive stress on knees, ankles and feet. As market leaders, our equipment is a must for any gym, from multilevel gymnasiums to home studios.

Steelflex CBSG

Steelflex CB2

Steelflex CRSG

Steelflex CR2

Steelflex PB10

Steelflex PR10

Steelflex Commercial Recumbent CR2

Steelflex Light Commercial Upright XB4300

In addition to the full body workout offered by our bikes, the different programs available ensures the workout can be targeted to the user’s goals. Whether they are engaging in speed or strength training, or even improved recovery time, these machines can do it all.

If you want to provide your customers with the very best equipment for your customers, then invest in high-quality Steelflex bikes for any gym, big or small.