The treadmill always has and always will be a staple of the fitness industry, from giant commercial gymnasiums to intimate home studios. Whether you’re looking to get fit or lose weight, it offers a range of programs which can be used at any time of day, in any weather. For the highest quality machinery, investing in Steelflex Treadmills is a must.

Steelflex PT7

Steelflex PT10

Steelflex XT8000D

Steelflex PT20

Steelflex Aristo Commercial Treadmill CT1

Steelflex Aristo Commercial Treadmill CT2

Steelflex Commercial Rehabilitation Treadmill PT10R

Steelflex Commercial Treadmill PT10

Steelflex Commercial Treadmill XT8000

Steelflex Fitnex Light Commercial Treadmill T70

Steelflex Fitnex Light Commercial Treadmill T60

They provide a predictable surface, so the user can walk or run without fear of trips and falls, and they can be controlled and tailored to the user’s exact preference – from speed, time, heart rate, and even the elevation to which the platform is inclined! These changes allow the user to take advantage of many different workouts, all from the one piece of equipment.

No gym is complete without a treadmill, and Steelflex offers the best of the best. If you want your customers to experience high-quality exercise equipment, then speak with our expert staff today.